Tom Cruise: At 29, his daughter Isabella has changed a lot, but looks so much like him

Tom Cruise is everywhere. As he makes his big comeback in dark rooms with Top Gun: Maverick released on May 25, 2022, it is featured on RMC Story this Friday, June 10 in a documentary produced by Guillaume Genton entitled The dark side. The opportunity also to take news of his eldest daughter, Isabella Kidman Cruise, daughter the actor adopted in 1992 with Nicole Kidman. At 29, Connor’s sister, also adopted by the couple three years later, has changed a lot.

On Instagram, Isabella Cruise, who calls herself Isabella Kidman Cruise, linked in her bio the site on which she exhibits her works. Illustrations she makes on tote bags or some prints. Artist, she also shares landscape photos or a few selfies. The opportunity to see that she has naturally changed. And hasn’t forgotten her father, according to the wink she gave him recently while wearing a t-shirt. Top Gun, in London. And if some in the comments find it worth remembering that she is the adopted daughter of the couple, many are those who underline her certain resemblance to Tom Cruise.

Discreet life in London and a nod to his father

Bella Cruise leads a discreet life, settled in London. She stays away from red carpets with her English husband Max Parker, whom she married a few years ago under the auspices of the Church of Scientology. Isabella was adopted in 1992 by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, then one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples. Her parents divorced in 2001, after ten years of marriage. Since then, the two actors only very rarely evoke their two children, whose life has always been protected from the paparazzi.

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