Tommaso Melilli, fond of pasta, confides in the podcast “A Poêle”

Published on June 08, 2021 at 4:36 p.m.

ELLE à Table joins the podcast “A Poêle” to make you discover 48 hours in advance the universe of a cook or the world of catering. Today, it is Tommaso Melilli, chef but also brilliant author, who confides in Julie Gerbet, the pen behind the microphone.

Fondue de pasta, Tommaso Melilli, already author of “Spaghetti Wars”, has just released his second book “L’Ecume des Pâtes” from Stock editions, in which he goes in search of “real” Italian cuisine as he writes , when he knows her so little, he who left his native country for France at 18 years old. An initiatory journey that led him to push the doors of the kitchens, join the brigades, discuss with the chefs, and above all choose the right ingredients. From the preparation of the mythical carbonara to the presentation of the men and women who prepare this cuisine, his book is a declaration of love for transalpine cuisine.

The adventure in the kitchen; eat a lot of pasta; authentic cuisine that shakes things up; family restaurants; bosses who get angry; home cooking at the restaurant; offal; and the way we prepare the plates, Tommaso tells us everything!

Confidences that we invite you to savor here exclusively for 48 hours, before this podcast is broadcast on traditional listening platforms.

Tommaso Melilli is not currently active in a restaurant but you can find his book L’Ecume des Pâtes, published by Stock editions, in all bookstores.

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