TPMP People – “Take some seed Cyril Hanouna”, “I much prefer”, “I haven’t heard a single vulgarity”: tweeters judge Matthieu Delormeau’s show better than TPMP

Capture C8 Live/TPMP People

Capture C8 Live/TPMP People

TPMP People better than TPMP? This is what some Internet users said this Saturday evening on twitter. For the latter, the content of the program hosted by Matthieu Delormeau on C8 is more interesting. And the choice of guests more relevant. Cyril Hanouna will appreciate…

C8 viewers were able to find this Saturday, June 25, 2022 a new issue of their magazine TPMP People presented by Matthieu Delormeau. A few days before the summer holidays, the host and his band of columnists deciphered the news of celebrities: they thus evoked the case “Lou Pernaut”, criticized on social networks on his weight and his way of living the mourning for his father Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Present in the team, Laurent Fontaine, who was close to the presenter of the television news, urged her to stop exposing herself in this way: “What I see is not very worthy, and you should since death of your father calm the tiktoks and resume studies and work“he addressed to the young woman from a distance. Remarks condemned on twitter and on the set where the columnist Ludivine Rétory came to her defense: “Who are we to say what people should or should not do? […] She has the right to go on living.”

The charges against Meghan Markle, targeted by an investigation for mistreatment of her staff, were the subject of another sequence brought by Bertrand Deckers. The opportunity for the latter to exchange some verbal sparring with the columnist Ludivine Rétory, always quick to defend Harry’s wife. Despite the stubborn rumors lending a very difficult character to the ex-actress, the columnist defends her against all odds, which also has the gift of exasperating some Internet users.

“What’s good when it’s Matthew”

During the “What became of them?” sequence, the set welcomed a former reality TV star: Gregory Bassot. The 48-year-old man made a name for himself with the show Greg le Millionnaire broadcast in 2003. Today, this dad lives on Reunion Island where his days are calibrated to those of his two children, in addition of its services in events. Matthieu Delormeau, under the spell of the man with intact muscles, expressed the wish to recruit him in his team of columnists for TPMP People. To be continued…

Other guests then chained themselves to the set, like the stars of the 80s Emile and Images, Patrick Hernandez and Phil Barney. The latter set the mood by resuming their most famous hits and also answered questions from Matthieu Delormeau. The opportunity for Patrick Hernandez to say more about his past relationship with Madonna, with whom he shared an apartment…

On Twitter, many people expressed their satisfaction with the show this Saturday. Many have said they prefer TPMP People to TPMP: according to them, the quality of the guests is better there, as is the welcome reserved for them. While Cyril Hanouna tends to take up space, Matthieu Delormeau manages in their eyes to leave them more space to express themselves… In addition, some consider the people show less vulgar than the original generalist show. Will Cyril Hanouna take their opinions into account?

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