TPMP! Pierre-Jean Chalençon SDF and ruined, the alarming details revealed!

Pierre-Jean Chalençon, Napoleon’s biggest fan, at worst! Homeless and ruined, he talks about his new life, the details excluded…

Recently, a revelation was made by Pierre-Jean Chalençon on the set of TPMP. Like all the guests, the former buyer of France 2 could not escape the questions of Baba and the chroniclers. That’s why he confessed everything in front of the public because he wants things to be clear. In this article, we will reveal everything the antique dealer said during his appearance on television. Read to the end to find out about his current financial situation.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon was invited by Matthieu Delormeau

Each week, the show presented by Cyril Hanouna always does its best to satisfy its fans.

Besides, that’s why TPMP never loses its audience because the main host is talented and he is always in a good mood.

Not to mention the columnists who know how to initiate discussion and who always find the right people to invite to the show. This time, it was Matthieu who asked Pierre-Jean Chalençon to make some confidences.

During the show, the questions followed one another and Pierre-Jean Chalençon answered them with pleasure. What really interested the public are the controversies that the former acolyte of Sophie Davant told as well as his current financial situation. Moreover, we will detail this in the next paragraph. Anyway, the most important thing for the antique dealer is that he is healthy and always trying to move forward.

The bad buzz that cost him dearly

Pierre-Jean Chalençon told TPMP that he was suspected of having set up clandestine meals during the health crisis. It is known that this was prohibited by law during the pandemic. This is why his home was searched by the authorities. His property was put under surveillance during the month of April 2021. At the time, the antique dealer made headlines because he was a source of “endangerment”.

A traumatic situation according to Pierre-Jean Chalençon during his intervention in TPMP. In addition, he had to live with a relative until the case was resolved. He even thought about sui_cide during this moment since he admitted it to the audience of the show: “I wanted to shoot myself to get out of it”. Luckily he didn’t as he was able to recover from his pain. Moreover, he thanks those around him who helped him recover from these bad times.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon is ruined!

First of all, it is necessary to specify that Pierre-Jean Chalençon does not intend to sell the Palais Vivienne to anyone. Indeed, rumors circulated that the antique dealer wanted to sell this property. However, he confirmed: “If I am ruined, no one will have any money”. Thus, he intends to keep what is rightfully his even if his finances are not in the green.

Pierre-Jean Chalencon

In addition, Pierre-Jean Chalençon declared that this reception hall always attracts people. This is why Napoleon’s expert does not think of letting go of his best investment. He said he lives his best life ahead of him and avoids controversy to preserve his image. We can say that these last words could silence the gossips.

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