Unusual: in Paris, in this Italian restaurant, eat a giant 1 kg pizza!

It’s a fact: the French are among the biggest pizza eaters in the world ! If at the restaurant, devouring a pizza is not enough for you, here is a good plan that should satisfy your desires… A 1 kg pizzadoes that tell you? Amicigo to the heart of Italian restaurant Forno Gusto!

Unusual: in Paris, an XXL pizza of 1 kg!

Giant pizza 1 kg Paris

At the house of Forno Gusto in Paris, the pizza a la pala is THE specialty. Served on long wooden boards, the pizzas cooked in a wood oven can even be personalized. And here, Italian specialties can be enjoyed in XXL format… madness !

Giant pizza 1 kg Paris

Pizza Forno Gusto, Super Salmon, Primavera, Speck Chef… at Forno Gusto, the alla pala pizzas are indecently delicious. Height of love for the big pizza eaters ? A 1 kg pala to compose, with three different flavors to choose from. If this giant pizza is shared (or not…) that the little players are reassured: At Forno Gusto, the half pala of 500g is also available. So who said size doesn’t matter?

Forno Gusto, Parisian addresses:

  • Big Forno Gusto, 22 rue des Canettes, 75006 Paris
  • Forno Gusto, 43 rue de Chaillot, 75116 Paris
  • Forno Gusto, 30 Bd Richard Wallace, 92 800 Puteaux

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