USB Type-C device, Apple becomes very cautious

In the coming months Apple will strengthen the security of its macOS operating system against USB Type C. Clearly all new devices to this standard will be locked by default.

In Aplle’s eyes, USB Type-C is too insecure. Changes will therefore be made in particular during the next macOS update. It is planned to no longer allow USB Type C devices to communicate freely with the operating system. Explicit consent from the user will be required in order to authorize the exchange of data.

macOS 13 Ventura

macOS 13 Ventura

This change is to be introduced with MacOS 13 Ventura expected this fall. The recent beta confirms this choice and new laptops with M1 or M2 chips should be better protected.

After installing the OS, this security will be enabled by default. If a new USB type C device is connected to the computer, the user must authorize its access via a dialog window. However, this security does not apply to all data exchanges. Power supply via USB Type-C will still be possible as well as unidirectional data traffic to a display. In order not to annoy users too much, devices already connected when installing the update to macOS 13 will be authorized by default. An option is provided to deactivate these accesses if necessary. It will be in the system settings.

This Apple initial is a response to a growing body of research pointing to a growing risk of infection via a USB device.

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