watchOS 9 will recalibrate the battery of Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5

The watchOS 9 installation process will take one more step for Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5 users. On these two models, the update will not only replace the old files with the new ones, it will will also recalibrate the battery status. A first on the watch, but Apple had already carried out such an operation last year for the iPhone 11.

Before / after the recalibration process: on this Apple Watch Series 5, the remaining battery capacity has increased by 3 points.

The release notes for the second beta of watchOS 9 flag this addition, and my colleague Anthony was able to verify its effects by going through the Settings app before and after installing it. On its nearly three-year-old Apple Watch Series 5, the remaining battery capacity was estimated at 81% with the first beta and it increased to 84% with the second. Three points more, which would mean that the previous estimate was too pessimistic.

I use a model of the same generation as him, but I did not have time to note the value given before the installation of beta 2. The remaining capacity is currently estimated at 87%, which seems to me quite optimistic given that I had noticed a significant drop in real autonomy even under watchOS 8.


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