Watermelon pizza, fruit spring rolls, cowboy caviar salad: here are the most original summer recipes

In these strong heats, we tend to rush on everything that is cold to cool off at mealtime. And the salad, we get tired of it quickly! Fortunately, TikTok is a gold mine of recipe ideas that are always crazier than the next. Here are three that are particularly popular!

Turn a watermelon into a pizza

In the family of flavor combinations that work and that we would not have thought of, there is not only melon with Roquefort and mint. The freshness of watermelon is also associated with the grainy texture of goat cheese. Several methods exist to try the taste experience. You snack on a plancha pieces of watermelon and you sprinkle with crumbled goat cheese. The bites are completed with a dash of balsamic vinegar. In another snacking style, some tiktokeurs transform the slices of watermelon into slices of pizza on which goat cheese, cucumber and mint are added.


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Fruit in your spring rolls

We all know spring rolls, these famous Vietnamese bites made with pork or shrimp. On TikTok, we also roll the rice paper to insert not salty ingredients but fresh fruit. Strawberries, kiwi, mango… Budding chefs are having a blast revisiting this staple of Asian cuisine, dipped in honey-sweetened yoghurt.


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“Cowboy caviar” salad

Tomatoes, corn, peppers, peppers, lemon… That’s the main part of the recipe that has generated several million views on Tik Tok in recent weeks. Above all, we do not forget the black-eyed peas – the famous “black-eyed peas” which inspired the name of this salad traditionally served as an accompaniment to an American barbecue. This recipe is indeed from Texas. The Tiktokeurs take it up with their sauce and dress it up with exotic foods such as avocado, mango or honey.


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