When Jean-Marie Bigard drank “4 or 5 bottles a day” and earned “7 million euros a year”

Jean-Marie Bigard is not really a conventional artist and does not seek to be. Excess alcohol, money earned, the comedian confided without filter.

When Jean-Marie Bigard speaks, he is generally rather cash. In an interview on the show Chez Jordan taken over by Télé-Loisirs, the 68-year-old comedian looks back on several phases of his career.

He mentions in particular his taste for the consumption of alcohol. “There was a time when I had a good rhythm. On the Gérard Depardieu scale, I was 8, he says. I drank four or five bottles of wine a day. Laughing, without ever being drunk, huh!”

“Between life and death”

“I don’t want to praise my blood alcohol records, but about fifteen years ago, with a friend, when we went out to a place to dance, we drank a bottle of whiskey together, on leaving fresh as a roach. I was quite fond of it.”

Excesses which caused him serious health concerns on which he agreed to return. “I was between life and death in the American hospital, he says. Do you know that there is room service? A guy with a little vest. And I was ordering my bottle of wine. happened, barely after drinking two small glasses of wine, to throw them up in the toilet.”

Millions “squandered”

Without taboo, Jean-Marie Bigard has also agreed to discuss his lifestyle, very comfortable at the time when he chained the shows. “I released my show at the end of November and at the end of December, I had sold 500,000 DVDs. I had seven euros on each DVD. And then, 500,000 DVDs the rest of the year. That means that each show, I earned up to 7 million euros over the year.”

However, the comedian admits to being much less well off today. “I tend to be a bit of a sieve. I’ve squandered all the fortune I’ve earned on other people, doing good here and there.”

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