Why is Stage Manager limited to M1 chips? Apple explains

This is one of the biggest disappointments, especially on iPad: Stage Manager, the window management tool for iPadOS (also included on macOS Ventura) absolutely requires an M1 chip.

This system also allows you to have a real extended desktop on the tablet, gradually approaching the macOS Finder. Apple has answered to Rene Richie as Stage Manager requires large internal memory, very fast storage and external display capabilities more flexiblewhich only the M1 chip can provide.

Stage Manager offers an all-new incredibly fast and responsive windowing experience and allows users to run 8 apps simultaneously on iPad and external display with up to 6K resolution. Delivering this experience with the responsiveness users expect from an iPad touch experience requires significant internal memory, very fast storage, and more external display capabilities. flexible, which only the M1 chip can provide. However, on Mac, one doubts that the latest Intel chips and AMD GPUs are not capable of performing such functionality.

For example, the iPad Pro M1 offers up to 16 GB of RAM, compared to 6 GB in the previous generation iPad Pro. Apple also said that the M1 iPad Pro has 2x faster storage than the previous generation model.

The amount of memory and the speed of storage (which allows a little swap) probably weighed in the balance. But what frustration on the user side, because only two generations of tablets (the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air 5) can use this function.

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Why is Stage Manager limited?  M1 chips?  Apple explains

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