Yannick Noah: His daughter Jenaye inseparable from Tomathy, his handsome half-brother

From Yannick Noah’s relationship with model Heather Stewart-Whyte two daughters were born: Eleejah, 26, and Jenaye, 25. If the first is discreet, the second is much more center stage. Having also become a model, the young woman multiplies contracts with many brands. Recently, it was for Bvlgari that she paraded in Paris, under the charmed eyes of François Civil, Adèle Exarchopoulos or Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel. But this success does not prevent Jenaye from keeping her feet on the ground and having a sense of priorities. Especially for his family.

Yannick Noah and Heather Stewart-Whyte have rebuilt their lives. The singer has other children – a son Joakim and a daughter Yelena born from his marriage to Cécilia Rodhe -, and also his youngest with Isabelle Camus, he had Joalukas. Heather also became a mother to a boy, Tomathy. If the blood ties are reduced by half, the young man and Jenaye are no less accomplices. Recently, the brother and sister spent a lot of time together, in the stands of Roland-Garros to start before celebrating Joalukas’ 18th birthday as it should be this Friday, June 10, on a barge right in front of the Eiffel Tower ( see slideshow).

Present in the capital, Tomathy, based in Toulouse as his Linkedin profile reveals, played tourists with his half-sister Jenaye. The latter took him around Paris, presenting him with the most beautiful monuments and the best addresses, including the Louis Vuitton Foundation, located in western Paris. The duo have immortalized themselves on several occasions, playing on the games of mirrors of the chic establishment and revealing their touching fraternal closeness in passing.

Jenaye Noah is also close to the other children of her famous dad. The meetings of the singer with all his children are also the perfect opportunity for Yannick Noah to reveal his tribe and multiply the memories. Moments that will be all the more precious now, he who decided to settle in Cameroon to become the village chief than his father. The reunion will only be better each time!

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